Green Soul

    Royal Row è impegnata nello sviluppo del progetto “Green Soul”, una linea di capi di abbigliamento eco-sostenibile. Grazie al costante impegno in ricerca e sviluppo è stato possibile realizzare un guardaroba con cui abbiamo quasi azzerato il consumo di energie, materie prime e componenti chimici. La sostenibilità, il comfort e l’artigianalità sono i nostri principi fondatori.

    Informal Luxury


    The Travelocity project consists of a new kind of men’s outerwear: items specifically designed for travel, with highly performing characteristics but, at the same time, characterized by a sophisticated style.

    Result of a long and careful research on innovative materials, in order to be able to give the garments highly performing characteristics such as breathability, water resistant and crease-resistant.

    The Travelocity project presents innovative garments, which combine the typical characteristics of a classic garment, to the performing characteristics mentioned above, a “formal 2.0 garment”.


    Royal Row Atelier is an innovative project that responds to the continuous demand for exclusive and unique garments.

    From the meeting of the bespoke with the identity of the Brand, customers have the opportunity to shape the garments in the collection for their customers while maintaining the Brand Identity.

    With this project we have created new models and new constructions that allow the customer to create his own customized assortment on the Royal Row collection as if it were a real tailoring.

    Created to give our customers the opportunity to customize the construction of the garments in our collection, the Atelier project wants to satisfy, through modular modeling, requests for different physical conformations and specific tastes of the various markets, applying the principles of the Bespoke sartorial culture.